Australia Could Ban Credit Card Online Gambling

Australia Credit Card Ban

Following the implantation of the of cards in in the UK, might be next. The Australian government has introduced legislation that would prevent players from using credit cards at online casinos. The ban might include digital currencies as well.

No Credit Cards, No Problem

The Interactive Gambling Amendment (Credit and Other Measures) Bill 2023 is the full name of the proposal set before the Australian parliament. The aim of the Amendment is to strictly restrict the use of credit cards at Australian online casinos. Besides credit cards, the ban covers all other credit related products and digital currencies.

Operators that do not adhere to the rules are facing fines of up to AU$234,750. However, the ban is just a proposal at the moment. But should they implement it, there will be a 6-month transition period for the players and casinos. However, as it's already illegal to gamble using credit cards at land-based casinos, there's no doubt this ban will be accepted by the Australian government.

The Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth MP, said that the ban represents the most recent step to tackle gambling related harms. In the UK and Ireland gambling markets this ban has already been in place for some time. So far, it has greatly helped restrict players from playing with funds they do not have. In other words, if they want to gamble, they must use debit cards or other payment services.

Other Efforts to Prevent Gambling Harm

Australia's new ban is only one of the many steps the country has taken to decrease gambling harms. Former initiatives include monthly activity statements that outline wins and losses. There is also a brand-new evidence-based taglines that are to replace the existing “Gamble Responsibly”. Furthermore, Australia has also implemented a nation-wide staff training for employees in the gambling industry.

Another thing is that Aussie players can now access BetStop. The self-exclusion platform allows players to exclude themselves from gambling anytime they want.

And finally, perhaps the best project is the pre-verification procedure. Players will soon be asked to prove their identity upon registration before they even get to place a single bet. This should come into effect before October.

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